MarkinBOX Marking Devices

MarkinBOX is a manufacturer and distributor of marking devices and equipment available in a wide variety of configurations – handheld, automated, tool stand mounted and with production integrated options. Suitable for use on the following surfaces: stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, nickel, brass, copper, plastics, die cast metal, forged metal, galvanized metal, investment castings, hardened steel, lead, alloys, cast iron, glass filled plastics, Inconel, mild steel, Polyethylene, sheet metal, tin, tool steel, wood, zinc, machined metal, painted metal, plated metal and powder coated metal – to name quite a few.

Identifying marks are created by a dot peen carbide tip driven by a solenoid. The solenoid energizes the tip and forces the tip to create a deep, clear mark. The solenoid is programmed using software that is easy and convenient to use.

MarkinBOX utilizes sketchbook2 software with WYSIWYG drag and drop features, CSV file marking, DXF file conversion, built-in logos and error log features. This software is Windows7, Windows8 and Windows10 compatible and can also interface for mobile devices with an app from Google Play! The ease of use creates a flexible and functional part marking environment for any level of user.

High quality marks as small as 1mm can be obtained with MarkinBOX’s marking devices. Engraved identifying marks include: 2D data matrix, alpha numeric, arc, date/year/Julian, logos, PC fonts, serial numbers and shift times – but, certainly not limited to any of the above! Your company’s part marking and identifying options are endless with MarkinBOX marking devices and equipment.

Also available through MarkinBOX is a long list of part marking accessories – benchtop stands, rotary devices, hands free stands, quick change fixtures and part tag fixtures.

Some Industries that Utilize MarkinBOX’s Marking Devices for Traceability:


  •  Aerospace
  •  Automotive
  •  Defense
  •  Energy
  •  General Industrial
  •  Government
  •  Machinery
  •  Medical
  •  Metal Fabrication
  •  Military
  •  Oil & Gas

For all of your marking device needs and quoting, contact MarkinBOX today! Or, visit them at a trade show located near you!