Affordable Pin Stamping Machine

A pin stamping machine – also known as a pin marking machine, dot peen marking machine, dot pin marking machine, dot marking machine – is used in industrial and manufacturing settings to apply identifying marks to parts, products and assemblies. Identifying marks such as serial numbers, lot numbers, date codes, data matrix codes, company logos all help with traceability. With the ability to pin stamp any type of surface that is manufactured today and just about any classifying mark that you can dream of.

Pin marking machines comes in a wide variety of styles and price points but, MarkinBOX pin stamping machines are known to be the most affordable. MarkinBOX offers benchtop stands, rotary devices for round workpieces, portable devices, hands-free stands and fully automated devices for manufacturing processes. The full products offering doesn’t stop there – they also offer accessories such as quick change fixtures, part tag fixtures, custom workholding components and all replacement parts for their part marking systems.

History of MarkinBOX’s Pin Stamping Machines

Since 2005, Tokyo Chokoku began to concept and developed what would be known as MarkinBOX. The entire process took 5 years. In 2010, MarkinBOX was introduced to the worldwide market at International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago, Illinois. In 2018, MarkinBOX released Patmark and Patmark Mini – two battery-operated part markers for people who are on the go. Since the beginning of time, MarkinBOX has been the most innovative dot peen marker out there!

Each MarkinBOX dot pin stamping machine utilizes sketchbook2 software with WYSIWYG drag and drop features that makes it completely user friendly for even the most novice operators. This software is Windows7, Windows8 and Windows10 compatible that can also interface with mobile devices with an app from Google Play. These options make this marking system flexible, functional and affordable for all levels of users.

For an analysis of your specific pin stamping application and how MarkinBOX can help save you time, money and effort – contact their experienced sales team today!