Permanent Aerospace Part Marking

Aerospace Vehicle Manufacturers employ dot peen part marking machines to identify parts and assemblies. To meet FAA requirements per Electronic Code of Regulations Part 45,…

MarkinBOX Marking Devices

MarkinBOX is a manufacturer and distributor of marking devices and equipment available in a wide variety of configurations – handheld, automated, tool stand mounted and…

What is a Data Matrix Part Marking System?

A Data Matrix Part Marking System is used to apply a two-dimensional (2D) Data Matrix Barcode, which encodes alphanumeric text or raw data in a pattern of dots, arranged in a square pattern, marked directly on the surface of a part or an assembly. 2D Data Matrix Barcodes can be made to contain useful information in a very small area, such as; Time & Date, Serial and/or Part Number, Lot Number, or Material Composition. They can also be made to contain a URL or Web Link to a Manufacturer’s Website, a Product Cut Sheet, Technical Specifications, MSDS, Installation Instructions, or to a page where you can re-order the part or assembly.