Dot Peen Part Marking Machine Vs Laser Part Marking Machine

Are You Currently on the Dot Peen Part Marking Machine vs Laser Part Marking Machine Fence?

Manufacturing facilities mark products and parts with identifying characters and symbols for tracking peen marking machine, part marking machine

Pin Marking, or dot peen marking, is the process of puncturing (or peening) an item’s surface with small dots. These dots help form letters and numbers to pinpoint, or track, parts with these identifiers:

  • Alphanumeric Characters
  • 2D Data Matrix Codes
  • QR Codes
  • Company Logos (.DXF Files)
  • Time & Date
  • Product Part Numbers
  • Serial Numbers
  • Alphanumeric Characters

A laser part marking machine is also a component marking system used in manufacturing processes by means of a laser.

There are various materials that can be successfully marked by both systems that include:

  • Coated or Painted Surfaces
  • Metals
  • Metal alloys
  • Plastics
  • Woods

Dot Peen Part Marking machines have steadily advanced in permanent part marking options and taken over where laser marking machines have left off. One of the main reasons that managers of a manufacturing facility are heading toward dot marking is the initial investment. Where laser markers are expensive, dot peen marking systems are relatively inexpensive and are simple to use.

Dot Peen Part Marking Machine Options

Dot peen part marking machines come in a wide variety of options – hand-held devices, benchtop mounted system or can also be integrated in virtually any manufacturing method. Laser marking machines used to have an advantage over dot peen marking. That advantage was logo marking. Now with MarkinBOX’s innovation, their dot peen part marking machines give the ability to mark any part with a company’s logo.

MarkinBOX’s easy-to-use sketchbook2 software program allows users to quickly set-up a new system and start marking products. These marks can be as small as 1mm, are extremely consistent in nature and a high quality mark. The flexibility of quick change marking fixtures, various accessories and replacements parts are just a few more reasons why people are moving their part marking over to dot marking machines.

Do not be fooled by other dot peen marking systems. MarkinBOX is the industry leader in dot peen marking due to their versatility of marking even cylindrical parts with company logos. Contact MarkinBOX today for a complete analysis of your part marking process.