Dot Peen Marking Systems – Fast, Easy and Accurate!

Dot peen marking systems are electrically driven marking pins, or stylus’, that stamp narrowly spaced dots on parts, products or tags. These dots form straight or curved lines that formulate text or characters for traceability purposes. These marks allow manufacturers to track the origins of their parts, assemblies or products.

There are several varieties of dot peen marking systems:

  • Benchtop Dot Peen Machines
  • Fixed Mounted Dot Peen Machines
  • Integrated Dot Peen Machines
  • Portable Dot Peen Machines

MarkinBOX is the industry leader in dot peen marking systems and dot peen marking accessories. With the easy-to-use sketchbook2 software, you can be connected and marking in record time!

MarkinBOX Sells Dot Peen Marking Systems such as their MB3315S

Fast, Easy and Accurate Dot Peen Marking Systems

Fast, easy and accurate part marking allows a user to lightly engrave or create deeply marked dots. The depth of the indention of dots depends on the material that is being marked. Minimal force can easily be applied to protect more delicate surfaces.

Any size text/symbol and any orientation of that text/symbol can be created using MarkinBOX’s dot peen marking systems. These machines are durable and reliable, allowing for manufacturers more uptime and less labor intensive part marking operations. Advanced inline factory automation allows for even more ease in dot peening operations.

Whether you need to mark a part, a tag, a plate, a round or cylindrical part – MarkinBOX has a dot peen marking solution for you!

MarkinBOX has various part marking accessories and options available:

Manufacturers of all types of products can benefit from MarkinBOX’s versatile dot peen marking systems. Visit us here for a full list of industries that utilize dot peen marking systems.

For an evaluation of your part, product or tag marking needs, contact MarkinBOX today!