Traceability Marking Increases Quality in Manufacturing

Traceability marking in various industries has become increasingly important in manufacturing sectors. For Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and first tier suppliers, product, component and assembly identification throughout the manufacturing process has become indispensable for quality control.

In recent years, the amount of information that is stored in a mark has increased dramatically thanks to advanced coding techniques. Marking a component, or assembly, helps record information such as serial numbers, dates, operator, suppliers, test results – all helping to guarantee reliability and quality. Which has become critical in industrial manufacturing sectors.

In years past, printing and applying labels were the norm for identification purposes. Permanent marks are applied directly to the surface of a component, which are far more secure, cost effective and easier to automate. Permanent characters also endure harsh operating environments of the parts.

traceability marking

In today’s manufacturing processes, companies are always looking for ways to increase productivity. Increasing productivity is directly related to quantity and quality of data collected and the way that data is applied. Production managers and quality engineers can use this data to monitor the production process.

Each stage of manufacturing can instantly prevent non-conforming parts from moving to the next operation. The data compiled can also be sorted to provide useful indicators for production speed analysis, maintenance programs and stock management, further increasing productivity.

MarkinBOX traceability marking systems are the leading dot peen marking devices in operation today. Whether your component’s print area is made from hardened steel, plastics or a coated/ painted surface – they have a solution to fit your needs. From hand-held to bench top stands to a system that can be incorporated into your manufacturing process, MarkinBOX’s quality part marking products, technical support and knowledge will help you to improve your production quality and traceability.

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