Workholding Components | Quick Change Fixtures for MB3315S & Patmark 1533

Workholding Components, also known as fixturing components, are used in part tag marking applications to stabilize a tag or workpiece. The fixture holds the workpiece in place to allow a marking machine the creation of quality, permanent and precise marks. MarkinBOX not only offers a wide variety of marking solutions but, they are the industry leader for custom quick change workholding components and accessories that allow for accurate tag and product marking.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) utilize dot peen marking systems to permanently mark products and assemblies for traceability purposes. Whether the marking system is a benchtop model, a part of the automation process or is a portable handheld marking device, a manufacturer can mark a part or assembly with serial numbers, part numbers, date codes, company logos and 2D Data Matrix codes. MarkinBOX’s wide variety of dot peen marking machines permits ANYONE to mark materials with these various symbols and characters.

MarkinBOX’s marking machines can easily and permanently mark flat, round, curved, convex or concave parts and assemblies made from hardened steel to delicate plastics and everything in between.

Various settings on the marking machines can adjust the mark’s diameter, the amount of force used (affecting the depth of the mark) and the speed of the marking speed which determines the space between the dots that are created. MarkinBOX is known for providing the smallest text when compared to the competition. Making MarkinBOX the most versatile marking systems with additional part marking accessory packages available!

For a complete evaluation of your manufacturing process, contact MarkinBOX today! They can advise you which part marking device is best suited for your application and they can custom manufacture a quick change workholding component for any of your part marking processes.

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