Medical Part Marking Devices

Permanent labeling of parts, components, assemblies, devices and machinery are used by manufacturers in a wide variety of industries. These marks help a manufacturer identify and trace products over its lifecycle. Manufacturers use this data to improve product quality, prevent part counterfeiting and minimize product recalls.

Medical device manufacturers are tasked with permanently marking labels and packages of manufactured items that are sold in the United States. This tracking system is known as the Unique Device Identification (UDI) rule. If the device is to be reprocessed and is intended for more than one use, the device must also be marked with a UDI.

In the past, manufacturers utilized stickers to identify their products. These labels included product part number, data manufactured, company logo and serial number. Over time, this information became illegible after years of use – or, the sticker would fall off altogether from aged glue. MarkinBOX recognized the challenge of medical device manufacturers who were required to comply with UDI rules and regulations.

Introduction to Medical Device Manufacturers

MarkinBOX manufactures part marking devices for medical device manufacturers for identification purposesIn 2010, MarkinBOX dot peen marking machines were introduced to the worldwide market at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago. The attendees were impressed with the clear, high quality marks that the stylus can make on any type of material, in any size and on any shape – ESPECIALLY medical manufacturing attendees.

Since that time, MarkinBOX has become the world leader in dot peen marking machines – from benchtop stands, hands-free stands, handheld devices and fully integrated systems. Their systems can endure the rigorous standards that are required in permanently marking medical components and devices. MarkinBOX’s dot peen marks can even withstand post-plating processes.

When you need to refine your medical part marking processes – contact MarkinBOX today for their reliable, low cost, good wear resistant and adaptable dot peen marking devices.