Dot Peen Traceability Marking Solutions

In manufacturing environments, companies utilize automated dot peen marking devices to help aid product traceability processes. Traceability is defined as “the quality of having an origin or course of development that may be found or followed”. This allows a manufacturer to manage product recalls, warranty issues, gain insight into Quality Control and manufacturing processes.

Products, components and assemblies are marked with small dots in pre-set configurations to help identify when they are made, what facility they are made at, and can identify the operator/s that were working at the time that the product was completed. All of this information is then stored by the manufacturer to aid in the lifecycle of the product.

Before the day of dot peen marking systems, manufacturers used labels that would fall off of products. Or, the print would wear off of the labels. Sometimes, these labels were hard to affix properly to the product.

A Family of Dot Peen Marking Solutions

dot peen traceability markingMarkinBOX came up with an extensive family of easy-to-use part marking solutions. These devices can be used in an automated process, as a benchtop model or even as a small, handheld device like our Patmark 1533 or Patmark Mini. Each of their dot peen marking products can mark any shape and type of material from all sorts of industries and applications – helping to permanently affix data onto and size and shape of parts and assemblies.

MarkinBOX products are simple to set up and operate for even first-time operators. The sketchbook2 software has intuitive stress-free WYSIWYG operation with one-touch, icon-based drawings. With no tracing required and automatic conversion of DXF data, a dot peen marker operator can effortlessly import data and begin marking parts and assemblies right away.

Contact MarkinBOX today for a quote on your dot peen traceability marking process. Whether you are located in the United States or in Canada – MarkinBOX is the most economical, compact and easy-to-use devices found on the market today.